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MK & JA Roche v& ORS v Metro Edgley & ANOR - Doyles Arbitration Lawyers
MK & JA Roche v& ORS v Metro Edgley & ANOR

MK & JA Roche v& ORS v Metro Edgley & ANOR


Supreme Court of New South Wales – 3 March 2005


In December 2002, the Luna Part Reserve Trust entered into a Deed of Agreement for Sub-lease of the Luna Park Reserve to Metro Edgely Pty Limited (‘Metro’) for Metro to undertake the development of Luna Park, including the construction of the Waterfront Brasserie (‘WB’).

In September 2003 M.K & J.A Roche Pty Limited (‘Roche’) purchased a forty-year lease of the WB under an agreement that provided that Roche was to pay a $2 million deposit on entry into the agreement and Metro was to perform certain building works for the WB. Clause 2A(b) of the agreement provided for automatic rescission if these conditions were not satisfied by 31 December 2003 or such later date if Metro notified Roche in writing up to 31 December 2004. The agreement also contained a clause that provided for the refund of the deposit if Roche lawfully rescinded or terminated the agreement.

Metro carried out works under the agreement and notified Roche in writing that the date for completion would be extended to 31 March 2004 and then provided, in March, verbal notice that this date was further extended to 30 June 2004. In March 2003 Roche became aware that non-satisfaction of the clause 2A conditions precedent had terminated the contract, but continued to work with Metro. On 21 May 2004, Roche sent a letter detailing the conditions giving rise to automatic rescission, and claiming the $2 million deposit. Metro’s reply alleged that oral notice for extension was given and that from 31 March until 21 May 2004 both parties had participated in the building works. It also purported to give written confirmation of the extension agreed to on 2 March 2004. Roche commenced proceedings, the judge at first instance finding that the agreement was valid and had been extended to 30 September 2004.


Whether the affirmation of the Contract had occurred.


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