Dispute Resolution

Doyles Arbitration Lawyers is able to design appropriate dispute resolution plans encompassing arbitration, litigation, expert determination or alternative dispute resolution for construction claims, professional indemnity and other insurance claims (including conduct of proceedings in all jurisdictions and in arbitration), with a preference for cost effective mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

The firm has considerable experience in the conduct of litigation at all levels of jurisdiction and often appears as counsel and in most interlocutory hearings.

Our solicitors are also experienced in using alternative methods to litigation in order to resolve disputes.

Their experience in the areas of mediation and commercial negotiation often helps to achieve more client-satisfactory results more promptly than the formal litigation process. Experience shows that early identification of disputes is essential to their minimisation and ultimately leads, to a successful project.

Our role at this time is twofold: we identify any technical steps that must be taken under the contract, and we work with our clients to achieve a satisfactory and early resolution of disputes.

Doyles Arbitration Lawyers specialises in Arbitration, however we also provide advice and support in other dispute resolution processes, including mediation, arbitration, expert determination, and litigation.

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