Contract Documentation

Doyles Arbitration Lawyers are able to select and modify standard form documentation and to develop customised contract documentation to suit the project or the enterprise.

Doyles Arbitration Lawyers provides services designing and drafting contracts, including: design and construct, maximum price, novated and incentivised contracts.

If the client has elected to use a standard form industry contract, then we can develop amendments to manage each party’s particular exposure in the relevant circumstances and develop dispute resolution processes for smooth journey’s disputes as and when they arise.

Doyles Arbitration Lawyers are able to ensure to optimise risk allocation and efficient project management. The best business structures usually reflect a balance of control, tax efficiency, and asset protection and should be reflected in the entity’s contracting to take full advantage of the corporate structures employed.

A proper structure plans for growth and enables fair and effective distributions of benefits among the internal stakeholders.

Where, in the preparation or administration of contracts, difficulties arise involving complex or technical issues of contract law, we take the approach of advising on client’s issues in the context of the overall commercial position.

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